Friday, March 12, 2010

Oracle BPM 11g - On its way

I am very excited.

Tomorrow I am off to Belgium to learn more about the new Oracle BPM 11g product. It is scheduled to be released in June, this year. (More or less)

Unfortunately, we are under NDA, but I can tell you guys that it is going to rock!
This technology, combined with Oracle's Fusion SOA suite will allow fusion developers to create composites with:

  • Mediator
  • Business Rules
  • BPEL
  • BPM
All in one composite.

BPM will run on the same trusted and tested execution engine which currently runs BPEL.

Here is a picture:

The Oracle engineers where very clever here. They developed an interpreter that will decompose BPEL and BPMN to the underlying execution environment. This will allow for a very stable environment, but It will also allow Oracle to add future model standards easily.

I will most certainly share my knowledge when I am back from Belgium.

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